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No machine operates forever without maintenance, and your washing machine is no different. However, it may seem strange to think that you actually need to wash your washing machine. Following are some steps to help you maintain your washer so it will continue to work for you for years to come.

  • Inspect the hoses and fittings on your washer. Make sure the hoses aren't cracked or blistered, the fittings aren't becoming corroded and no water is dripping. It's a good idea to replace the hoses and fittings as part of regular washing machine maintenance every 3 years or so, even if you don't see any problems.
  • Washer repair service
  • Level the washing machine. Use a carpenter's level and adjust the machine's feet until the bubble indicates the washing machine is level. A washer that bangs around with every load needs to be leveled before it breaks down.
  • Keep the exterior of your washing machine clean. Soaps and bleaches usually won't damage the exterior of the washing machine, but stain removers and other chemicals you might store on top of the washer might.

  • Clean the tub of your washer. This should be done every three months. Set the washer on hot, and if there's a setting for extra dirty clothes, choose that. Let the tub fill with water, then add 3 cups of white distilled vinegar and a 1/2 cup of baking soda. When the tub begins to drain, advance the cycle to spin. After the cycle ends, set the washer to cold and run another cycle.
  • Flush your washing machine dispensers. If you can remove them, do so and soak them in hot water. While they're soaking, clean out the gunk that collects around them and between the top of the washer and the tub. If you can't remove the dispensers, pour hot water through them until they're clean for good maintenance
  • Use less detergent and fabric softener in your washer. Your clothes will get just as clean with half the recommended amount. Dilute your fabric softener with water or try using white distilled vinegar instead. Generally, liquid detergent is better than powder.
  • Get a service call as part of your routine washing machine maintenance. The life of your washer may be extended if you have a service person remove the front cover and clean the inside of the washing machine. You can also do the job yourself if the washer is a top loader and you unplug it first. Never try to remove the front panel of a front-loading machine. And never try to remove the rear panel of any washer.

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